PA hot melt adhesive web film

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With or without paper Without
Thickness/mm 10gsm-50gsm
Width/m/ as customize
Melting zone 70-130℃
Operating craft heat-press machine:140-160℃ 10-25s  0.4Mpa

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This is a polyamide material omentum, which is mainly developed for high-end users. The main application areas of this product are some high-end material clothing, shoe materials,non-woven fabrics and fabric composite. The main feature of this product is good air permeability. This product is a good choice if the customer wants to achieve a balance between bonding labor and air permeability. For the width, we support the customization of any width. If you need it, you can contact us at any time and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

H&H mesh film
Hot melt adhesive mesh film
hotmelt adhesive web film


1. High-end garments application: It is designed for high-ending products, especially for those textiles like nylon.
2. Water-washing resistant: It can resist at least 15 times water-washing.
3. Non-toxic and environmental-friendly:It will not give off unpleasant smell and will not have bad influences on workers health.
4. Easy to process at machines and labor-cost saving: Auto lamination machine processing, saves labor cost.
5. It has great adhesive strength on nylon fabric.

Main application

Garments lamination
PA hot melt adhesive web film has been used at high-end garments lamination by it's great breathablility.Since the appearance of the web film itself has many holes, it could be very breathable when used at garments to realize bonding. So many garments manufacturers all over the world prefer this kind of glue sheet.

Breathable hot melt adhesive film for T-shirts
Hot melt adhesive film for bonding and lamination
Hot melt adhesive film
T-shirt bonding hot melt glue

Other  application

PA hot melt adhesive web film can also be used at bonding of materials such as shoe materials, clothing, automobile decoration materials, home textiles, leather, sponges, non-woven fabrics and fabrics.

Hot melt adhesive web film for bra
hot melt adhesive web film
hot melt adhesive film for car mat
hot melt adhesive film for bags and luggage1

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