Hot melt lettering cutting sheet

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Thickness/mm 0.1
Width/m/ 50cm/100cm as customize
Melting zone 50-95℃
Operating craft heat-press machine:130-145℃ 8-10s 0.4Mpa

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Engraving film is a kind of material that cuts out the required text or pattern by carving out the other materials, and heat press the carved content to the fabric. This is a composite environmentally friendly material, the width and color can be customized. Users can use this material to make products with their own logo, such as clothing, shopping bags and other products. The operation method is simple and easy to understand, and it has good washing resistance. It is a product that is popular in the European and South American markets.

Hot melt lettering cutting sheet2
Hot melt lettering cutting sheet4
Hot melt lettering cutting sheet3
Hot melt lettering cutting sheet5


1. Soft hand feeling: when applied at textile, the product will have a soft and comfortable wearing.
2. Sater-washing resistant: It can resist at least 10 times water-washing.
3. Non-toxic and environmental-friendly: It will not give off unpleasant smell and will not have bad influences on workers health.
4. Easy to process at machines and labor-cost saving: Auto lamination machine processing, saves labor cost.
5. Many basic colours to choose: Colour customize is available.

Main application

Garments Decoration
This hot melt style lettering cutting sheet can be made to different basic colours as customers requirements. And any letters could be cut and stick on the clothing.It is a new material which is widely used by many garments manufacturers. Replacing traditional letters sewing , hot melt decotaion sheet behaves great on it's convenience and beauty which is kindly welcomed in the market.

hot melt adhesive sheet
Printable hot melt sheet

Other  application

It could be also used at handing craft such as bags,T-shirs e.t.

hot melt adhesive film for label0102
Printable adhesive sheet0203

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