PES hot melt adhesive web film

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With or without paper Without
Thickness/mm 10gsm-50gsm
Width/m/ as customize
Melting zone 80-125℃
Operating craft heat-press machine:130-160℃ 6-10s  0.4Mpa

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This is an omentum made of PES. It has a very dense mesh structure, which allows it to obtain good breathability. When combined with textile, it can take into account the bonding strength and air permeability of the product. It is often applied to some products that require relatively high air permeability, such as shoes, clothing and home textiles. Many of our customers apply this product on T-shirts and bras to meet the requirements for breathability.
The hot melt mesh film is extended by the hot melt adhesive film, and the hot-melt mesh film is formed by hot-melt adhesive melting and spinning, and can be quickly bonded after high temperature pressing. The difference between hot-melt adhesive film and hot-melt mesh film is that the hot-melt mesh film is more light and breathable and has a soft texture, while the hot-melt adhesive film is relatively airtight and has a certain thickness. From the point of view of the use effect, they are all relatively good composite products, and there are slight differences in the application fields. In some fields, the composite products do not need to have the function of breathability, so hot melt adhesive film is generally selected, and some products, such as shoes, The composite of shirts and short sleeves needs to have a certain degree of air permeability, so it is normally necessary to composite such products by hot-melt mesh.

H&H mesh film
Hot melt adhesive mesh film
hotmelt adhesive web film


1. Breathable: It has a porous structure which makes the mesh film more breathable.
2. Water-washing resistant:It can resist at least 15 times water-washing.
3. Non-toxic and environmental-friendly:It will not give off unpleasant smell and will not have bad influences on workers health.
4. Easy to process at machines and labor-cost saving:Auto lamination machine processing, saves labor cost.
5. Middle melting point suits most fabric.

Main application

Garments lamination
PES hot melt adhesive web film has been used at garments lamination by it's great breathablility.Since the appearance of the web film itself has many holes, it could be very breathable when used at garments to realize bonding. So many garments manufacturers all over the world prefer this kind of glue sheet.

Breathable hot melt adhesive film for T-shirts
Hot melt adhesive film for bonding and lamination
Hot melt adhesive film
T-shirt bonding hot melt glue

Other  application

PES hot melt mesh film can also be used at shoe materials, clothing, Automotive decoration materials, home textiles and other fields.Pes has the characteristics of resistance to yellowing, and it is precisely because of this that pes mesh is widely used in the bonding of aluminum lamps and metals, and the bonding of laminated glass crafts. In addition, pes has the characteristics of strong adhesion and washing resistance, so pes is more suitable for flocking transfer, textile lamination, embroidery badges, woven label back glue, etc.

Hot melt adhesive web film for bra
hot melt adhesive web film

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