TPU Hot melt adhesive film for outdoor clothing

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With or without paper with
Thickness/mm 0.05/0.06/0.08/0.1/0.12/0.15/0.2/0.25/0.3/0.35
Width/m/ 1m/1.4m/1.5m as customized
Melting zone 85-125℃
Operating craft heat-press machine: 150-160℃ 10s  0.4Mpa

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HD371B is made out of TPU material by certain modification and fomular. It is often used at waterproof three-layer belt, seamless underwear, seamless pocket, waterproof zipper, waterproof strip, seamless material, multi-functional clothing, reflective materials and other fields. The composite processing of various elastic fabrics such as nylon cloth and lycra cloth, and the bonding field of PVC, leather and other Outdoor clothing placket/zipper/pocket cover/hat extension/embroidered trademark.

Hot melt adhesive film for garments
Hot Melt Adhesive film for lamination
hot melt adhesive film
TPU hot melt adhesive film


1. Soft hand feeling: when applied at fabric lamination, the product will have a soft and comfortable wearing.
2. Eater-washing resistant: It can resist at least 10 times water-washing.
3. Non-toxic and environmental-friendly: It will not give off unpleasant smell and will not have bad influences on workers health.
4. Easy to process at machines and labor-cost saving: Auto lamination machine processing, saves labor cost.
5. High melting point: It meets the heat resistance requests.

Main application

Outdoor Clothing

TPU Hot melt adhesive film is widely used at outdoor clothing such as placket,cuff laMination and zipper seam sealing which is popular welcomed by customers because of either its soft and comfortable wearing feeling or aesthetic appreciation. It is also a trend in the future that using hot melt adhesive film for seam sealing instead of traditional sewing.

hot melt adhesive film1
hot melt glue

Other  application

Embroidered Badge

HD371B TPU Hot melt adhesive film is widely used at embroidered badge and fabric label which is popular welcomed by garments manfacturers because of it's environmental friendly quality and processing convenience. This is a widely application in the market.

TPU hot melt adhesive film for badge
hot melt adhesives001
Hot melt sheet001
Tpu hot melt adhesive sheet
TPU hot melt style adhesive film

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