EAA hot melt adhesive film for aluminum

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With or without paper with
Thickness/mm 0.04/0.05/0.08/0.1/0.12/0.15/0.2/0.25/0.3
Width/m/ 48cm/50cm/100cm as customize
Melting zone 75-90℃
Operating craft heat-press machine: 110-130℃ 6-30s  0.4Mpa

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HA490 is a Polyolefin material product. Also this model could be defined as EAA. It is a translucent film with paper released. Normally people use the width of 48cm and 50cm with thickness 100 micron on refrigerator.
HA490 is suitable for bonding various fabrics and metal materials, especially aluminum. This model is hot-sale at Bangladesh, Pakistan and India market. Also in China, we cooperate with many famous electricity manufacturers for long time. This model has a high melting temprature which will benifit more of high temprature resistence.


1. Good adhesive strength: For metal bonding, it behaves very well , having stong adhesive strength.
2. Non-toxic and environmental-friendly:It will not give off unpleasant smell and will not have bad influences on workers health.
3. Easy to process at machines and labor-cost saving: Auto lamination machine processing, saves labor cost.
4. Have a great performance with aluminum material: this model suits the application of aluminum material composite.
5. With release paper: The film have basic paper, which makes the application more convenient to locate and process.

Main application

Refrigerator evaporator
HDA490 Hot melt adhesive film is also called EAA hot melt adhesive film which is widely used at refrigerator evaporator lamination. Normally the lamination material is aluminum panel and aluminum tube. Besides, Replacing traditional glue sticking, hot melt adhesive film lamination has became the main craft that many electronic manufacturers have been adopted for many years. This model is hot-sell in south Asia.

hot melt adhesive film for aluminum panel
hot melt glue sheet for aluminum

Other  application

EAA hot melt adhesive film can also be used at other fabric lamination and metal bonding.

hot melt adhesives001
Hot melt sheet001
TPU hot melt adhesive film for badge1
Tpu hot melt adhesive sheet
TPU hot melt style adhesive film11

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